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Jenkins JCasC S3 plugin configuration with Helm

If you want to add Jenkins S3 plugin (or any other plugin) to your Jenkins Configuration as Code deployment you may hit a problem that the plugin cannot be configured easily using YAML.

In such case you can go with groovy init script. Just add them to your values.yaml, for example:

# List of groovy init scripts to be executed during Jenkins master start
#  - |
#    print 'adding global pipeline libraries, register properties, bootstrap jobs...'
  s3: |
    import jenkins.model.*
    import hudson.plugins.s3.*

    instance  = Jenkins.instance
    new_name  = "s3"
    accessKey = "access"
    secretKey = "secret"
    useRole   = false
    S3Profile profile = new S3Profile(new_name, accessKey, secretKey, useRole, 60, "", "", "", "", false);

    publisher = hudson.plugins.s3.S3BucketPublisher
    des       = new hudson.plugins.s3.S3BucketPublisher.DescriptorImpl();
    s3Plugin  = instance.getDescriptor(S3BucketPublisher.class);

    new_profiles = [];
    des.getProfiles().each { if ( != new_name) { new_profiles.push(it) } }

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